Accelerate Sales Onboarding and Improve Time-to-Productivity

Boost time-to-productivity and win rates with personalized, engaging sales onboarding experiences. Schedule your live demo of Mindtickle to find out how.

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Sales onboarding programs that deliver results


Reduction in new hire onboarding


Increase in revenue generated by reps in their first quarter


Increase in win rates

Ramp new sales hires faster and ensure ongoing readiness

Ensure your sales reps are ready to sell – faster. With Mindtickle, your sales reps are fully prepared for interactions with buyers before they even get into the field. Create a culture of excellence through:

  • Learning: Deliver automated training paths and engaging, memorable and gamified learning experiences that reps can access anytime and anywhere
  • Skill certification: Ensure knowledge sticks with sellers through regular assessments
  • Skill reinforcement: Deliver exercises that ensure necessary skills remain sharp for future customer interaction

Trusted by hundreds of global companies

“It used to take around 11 months before a rep was fully ramped. Using Mindtickle from the bootcamps to advanced sales training, we have seen very consistently our people getting ramped in about 5 months, which is just tremendous.”

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We’re proud to be recognized as leaders in our industry by analysts, our customers, and other third-party organizations

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