The 11 Best Sales Enablement Tools of 2022

Only 43% of salespeople reach their quota. On top of that, without the proper tools, it’s hard to tell what problems make them miss their quota. But with sales enablement tools, you can understand the attitudes, content, and skills that help your sales reps reach their objectives.

With features like personalized skill development and user analytics, sales teams can improve closing rates, strengthen communication skills, sales coaching, and provide insights to enhance sales cycles.

What to look for in a sales enablement tool

Sales enablement tools help teams understand the health of a sales cycle, spot weaknesses, and manage content that reduces a company’s risk of falling behind its goals by 27%.

Mindtickle Sales Enablement Benchmark Report

When choosing a sales enablement tool, consider these features:

  • Ease of use: Understanding analytics and finding material should be easy. And, as sales reps are always on the go, opt for cloud-based and mobile-friendly tools that are always accessible.
  • Analytics and data: You should be able to extract insights to perform better and points to improve on for future sales.
  • CRM integration: Merge contact information with the sales cycle so sales reps can personalize the right content and approach for each contact, depending on previous sales history.
  • Centralized material management: Content distribution and storage is important for fast and accessible material. It is also important to track data to show which content performs the best depending on the user profile.
  • Growth and development: Insights on sales rep performance can spot weaknesses and strengths. These data points capture roadblocks in the sales process, and you can offer sales rep coaching and training when needed.

The following list goes over the best sales enablement tools of 2022. Each platform has strong features that offer support for your sales team.

  1. Mindtickle
  2. Ambition
  3. Seismic
  4. Salesloft
  5. SalesHood
  6. Spekit
  7. Brainshark
  8. Highspot
  9. Showpad
  10.  Allego
  11.  Gong


Mindtickle is a market-leading sales enablement platform that helps revenue leaders boost sales through analytics, skill development, and content management. The platform has proven to increase sales rep revenue by 64%.

Benefits of Mindtickle

The biggest benefit of Mindtickle is the integrated platform of sales enablement insights, content management, coaching, and training.

Here’s why.

The platform records each interaction with customers, the content used, and the sales courses that the sales rep has completed. Not only that, but Mindtickle also compares every sales rep’s behavior and tone through recorded calls and emails to find the winning strategy and improve its sales recommendations.

With all this data, Mindtickle gives a full understanding of weaknesses in the sales pipeline and what skills a sales rep should learn to improve their sales rate.

In turn, the continuous development of sales reps increases win rates whilst simultaneously improving sales strategy and learning pitches for future suggestions to other sales reps.

Lastly, Mindtickle sales training differentiates itself by using gamification and video to tap into personal motivation and encourage employees to develop their skills. The platform uses engagement tactics like quizzes and role plays to ensure learned skills are applied to everyday tasks.

This is especially helpful for new hires and developing managers. In fact, Mindtickle was able to cut Janssen India’s onboarding ramp time in half.


  • Analyzes account interactions and sales rep negotiations to identify winning behavior.
  • Centralized content management accesses situation training, tools, and marketing content and provides insights on when and how to use each piece of content to suit the customer target.
  • AI engines give feedback on tone, keywords, and pace of conversations. Then, the conversation insights are used to create training programs and personal coaching.
  • AI-recommended next steps and deal risks are identified with health scores, calls, and email sentiments.
  • Predictive revenue models use real-world pipeline data to suggest training with role-plays and recommended content.
  • Integrates with CRMs, APIs, calendars, and most platforms to make the sales stack centralized. This avoids lost information and reduces time in scheduling, account notes, and communication.
  • Mobile experience for sales reps on the go.

Price: Schedule a demo to learn about Mindtickle’s offer and experience a personalized walkthrough of the platform.

Final thoughts:

Mindtickle was ranked the highest-rated sales enablement platform by G2. The platform’s ability to translate sales rep performance into insights helps teams improve and integrate new skills in a way that evident in their future sales interactions.

Additionally, the app has the best adoption and is rated the easiest to use by G2.

G2 rating: 4.7 


Ambition’s main differentiation is the platform’s gamification and automated coaching approach for front-line managers.


Ambition scoreboards and leaderboards motivate friendly competition between teams. The scores are calculated using KPIs and accomplished learning activities. The gamification gives sales reps incentives and encourages repeat winning sales behavior.

And, for companies that want to save time for front-line managers, Ambition has “coaching orchestration” that automates meeting preparation, time schedules, and performance metric reports with coaching touchpoints to help coaches build action plans for improvement.


  • Record sales performance and interactions to create a performance report that coaches can use to clarify deliverable metrics and goals.
  • Coaching orchestration reduces coaching time by automating reporting and organizing 1:1 meetings. The automation measures sales skills against attribution metrics to create customized coaching programs.
  • Integrations with CRMs, sales platforms, and APIs.

Price: Starts at $750 USD/month.

Final thoughts:

Ambition is helpful for teams that thrive on competition or incentives. The gamification through leaderboards and scorecards makes teams compete against one another. And the platform combines scoreboards with coaching to motivate reps to deliver the best service possible.

However, it doesn’t provide courses or best practices, but it can be integrated with other platforms that provide skill development. And, Ambition doesn’t have a center for content management, as it focuses on coaching.

G2 rating: 4.5


Seismic equips sales teams with training and content to close deals. The biggest differentiator is the ability to pull data from CRMs and create personalized charts, presentations, and other sales material automatically.


Seismic is able to personalize the buyer experience with customizable dashboards that give detailed buyer insight and recommend actions. This is because the platform pulls data and content performance insights from CRM data.

It gives sellers ownership over the sales materials with centralized content management, where reps customize materials to add personalization to their deals.


  • Content management for teams to create, organize, control, and take ownership over content.
  • Automate and personalize content with data integrations to deliver a customized workflow.
  • Learning and coaching courses to onboard and improve sales skills.
  • Integrates with all types of platforms, from analytics to CRM.

Price: Prices are unavailable.

Final thoughts:

Seismic is helpful for teams looking to automate and customize their sales materials. And Seismic’s strong analytics helps sales reps improve their sales and onboarding.

It does not offer an ideal sales rep profile for others to mimic skills and behaviors from. Although not essential, it does help reps to imitate win-rate behavior and provide a direction for improvement.

G2 rating: 4.7


Salesloft differentiates itself through its focus on improving sales communication using buyer engagement analytics.


It gauges buyer engagement by analyzing interactions, keywords, and phrases in recorded messages and calls. Then Salesloft offers insight and feedback to sellers for improvement in future interactions.

Additionally, Salesloft integrates videos in their emails to give customers a personal buying experience.


  • Cadence and automation guides sellers through the sales process. The process is simplified with access to sales playbooks, best practices, and examples.
  • Pipeline data gives accurate forecasts on deals and sales cycle health.
  • Conversations are recorded and transcribed. Meetings are analyzed to show best practices.
  • Integrations through Salesloft API, meetings, inbox, or integrated CRM platforms.

Price: Prices are given by quota.

Final thoughts:

Salesloft uses interaction insight to improve future interactions in the customer journey. The platform allows teams to capture conversations and automate the cadence of interactions, so teams can learn from previous touchpoints for future deals.

However, it doesn’t offer a content management system or courses to improve skill ability. Instead, a business would have to rely on integrations from other platforms.

G2 rating: 4


SalesHood improves sales wins with its engaging skill-learning platform.


SalesHood saves coaching time with preloaded coach templates to improve sales training. And sellers are reminded of recommended sales behavior with alerts, notifications, tips, and scoreboards that are updated automatically.

The platform encourages resources and proven sales plays that are shared and reviewed between peers to reach the best sales practice.


  • Personalized learning, micro-assessments, role-plays, and peer-to-peer learning.
  • Automated buyer insights to develop personalized selling content.
  • Coach performance with data-driven timelines, tasks, and programs for teams to improve sales.
  • Coach templates for sales training, 1:1 meetings, and deal reviews for managers to be efficient and track progress.
  • Client engagement resources like content strategy and proven sales plays.
  • Analytics create visual summaries of sales performance and KPIs.
  • Integrations with Salesforce, CMS, BI, and SSO.

Price: Starts at $75 USD per user/month.

Final thoughts:

The biggest differentiator is the coaching details the platform offers. Front-line managers are given guidance to support teams with templates and resources. Analytics help managers coach their teams in a personalized way with recommended courses.

However, SalesHood doesn’t track conversations to provide insights into sales meeting interactions.

G2 rating: 4.6


Spekit differentiates itself with features that alert sellers on updates and product changes.


It coaches sellers using message insights and actions in the workflow. Alerts drive the adoption of new products and learned skills.

The knowledge base centralizes content, which lets teams customize and organize material to their needs. Moreover, the platform helps accountability with task assignments and role tags.


  • Spekit spotlights reduce training efforts with alerts on new workflows, policy updates, or product changes.
  • Learning platform for new skills adoption, quiz knowledge, and sales performance development.
  • Knowledge tracks for onboarding employees.
  • FAQs on any subject.
  • Comprehensive and easy integrations.

Price: Prices start at $20 USD per user/ month.

Final thoughts:

Spekit uses notifications, alerts, and knowledge checks to ensure the whole team is on the same page, which ensures the brand is maintained and new policies are kept.

It doesn’t offer recording call analysis or “winning rep behavior” for teams to learn, and it doesn’t have as many app integrations or analytics as its competitors.

G2 rating: 4.6


Brainshark is a sales readiness platform that uses scoreboards to rate reps’ sales readiness.


Brainshark levels up sales course content with voice AI and video recording. The video-based content gives sales reps courses for skill development and learning from one another.

For teams that want a formal approach to learning, Brainshark uses class tracking and tests. And, to check that new skills are being used in customer interactions, Brainshark aligns finished course skills with current interactions to reinforce the seller’s development.


  • Content management and easy video creation.
  • Readiness scoreboards to track readiness against KPIs.
  • Interactive course learning to onboard and improve sales readiness.
  • Machine analysis and scoring with AI-powered feedback and analysis.
  • Comprehensive integration list.
  • Brainshark mobile app keeps teams up-to-date on product updates.

Price: Prices unavailable.

Final thoughts:

Brainshark ramps up onboarding new hires with videos and courses. However, the platform doesn’t offer an ideal rep to mimic skills that lead to success. And, no examples for real-world sales interactions are given as inspiration. Lastly, Brainshark doesn’t have coaching tools for front-line managers.

G2 rating: 4.4


Highspot focuses on coaching and measures seller behavior to give recommendations that improve sales.


Highspot aligns sales templates with selling scenarios to suggest the appropriate approach. The training portal helps sellers follow role-specific courses to improve knowledge retention by engaging in virtual selling activities.

And, Highspot integrates with social media platforms to directly pitch to customers through their network.


  • Content management stores personalized content and uses AI management to highlight resources relevant to existing workflows.
  • Integrates with over 100 platforms.
  • Reps have access to sales templates that are industry best practices.
  • Analytics on content usage, sales performance, and interactive data reports to pinpoint content performance.
  • Personalization of landing pages, emails, and micro-portals.
  • Sales performance using scoreboards and customer scenarios.

Price: Prices are unavailable.

Final thoughts:

Highspot provides industry context recommendations which are helpful for teams learning different industries that need fast adaptation. ROI pinpoints successful content in the pipeline, which is helpful for companies who require high buyer engagement to invest in products.

However, Highspot doesn’t offer call monitoring and feedback.

G2 rating: 4.7


Showpad improves B2B selling by giving reps guided experiences for each scenario.

It has two main solutions that can be used separately or together. Showpad Coach is for sales training and coaching. Showpad Content is for content creation and distribution.


For companies with many different industries and target audiences, Showpad’s sales plays help reps with new client relationships. Reps are given seller information, industry insights, and opportunities for upselling or cross-selling.

And to ensure each team member is working towards better selling behavior, Showpad uses quizzes and tests to identify any skill gaps for training.


  • Tracks buyer interest to recommend which customers to invest time in.
  • Analytics to gather top performance and replicate behavior.
  • Content management identifies opportunities for cross-selling and recommends next steps.
  • Powerful integrations and collaboration features for content creation and management.
  • Sales forecast predictability.
  • Videos embedded for personal workflows.

Price: Prices are unavailable.

Final thoughts:

Showpad continuously trains employees and has analytics to understand skill gaps. Its content management stores and distributes selling content easily. Although Showpad does identify winning sales behavior, it doesn’t offer an ideal rep profile for selling behavior reference.

G2 rating: 4.6


Allego’s platform is comprehensive with analytics, skill training, conversation monitoring, and content management. The differentiation comes with using video for learning and communication.


Allego records pitches, and asynchronous communication and course creation are easy with content tools that publish new lessons onto the platform.

Analytics monitors conversations, gives sellers feedback, and also gives written suggestions when reps are feeling stuck in customer interactions.


  • Accessible content management and analytics show ROI, instructions, and peer examples.
  • AI-powered coaches recommend next steps and courses.
  • Conversation intelligence to improve the conversation.
  • Pre-board new hires with onboarding channels and virtually show good examples.
  • Insights on calls and deals to identify weaknesses in pipelines.
  • Score sales readiness to assess the probability of sales closing rates.

Price: Prices are unavailable.

Final thoughts:

Allego has extensive AI-powered metrics for sales readiness, sales content, and courses. Although Allego analyzes words spoken, it doesn’t provide feedback on tone or presentation to improve sellers’ communication skills.

G2 rating: 4.6


Gong captures customer interactions and analyzes salesperson behavior for communication risks and improvement opportunities.


The benefit of Gong is the amount of analysis and reports given to coaches from sales rep interactions.

Front-line managers receive insights on sales reps for improvement, but successful sales cycles record talk tracks so the next sales rep knows exactly what to say to close a deal.

And for busy sales reps, Gong ensures no actions are missed with real-time alerts when actions are required.


  • Shares top-performing salespeople strategies.
  • Identifies weaknesses in sales rep interactions and provides insight for improvement.
  • Helps strategize buyer path from other successful reps.
  • Comprehensive integrations with every type of platform.
  • Centralizes the content for revenue teams to work together and collaborate on accounts.

Price: Not available.

Final thoughts:

Gong’s platform transforms each interaction into insights. However, there’s little onboarding and educational training for sales reps to work and develop their skill set. And Gong doesn’t offer video role plays or practice situations to reinforce learned behaviors.

G2 rating: 4.7

Whatever you choose, your sales enablement tool should scale as your company grows

Your sales enablement tool choice should complement your team’s needs. As your company grows, your choice of sales enablement platform must scale with you. So it’s important to look for a solution that gives support to growing roles and content libraries.

When companies grow, their products and offers expand. It’s important to ensure your sales team feels supported with the tools to navigate growth and new clientele without losing the brand’s guidelines and company objectives. That’s why clear content management and analytics help sales teams keep content that performs and organize material that drives revenue.

And this can come in the form of courses and knowledge tests to onboard new hires into the company with clear expectations and ideal rep behavior. The insights from winning sales rep behavior ramp up the onboarding process and empower hires with knowledge and traits to reach their quota.

Mindtickle supports your team with its content management system, sales readiness, analytics, and courses to provide support and direction for your team to grow.

To learn about Mindtickle’s sales enablement offer, take a peek here to see how we help teams grow, develop, and reach their sales goals.