Readying Your Sales Reps to Effectively Work Trade Shows

sales onboarding

trade_show_certifiedWhen you’ve only got a handful of sales reps it’s easy to work out who should attend the trade shows. But what happens when you’ve got dozens, hundreds or even thousands of reps?

Many companies are now taking a more scientific approach to preparing reps to work by identifying which reps are most prepared to attend a specific event. Plus, sales leaders can take it a further step to certify reps they’ll have confidence that reps will always be taking their A game to the key events. By the way, i

t’s possible to achieve this in less than ten minutes per sales rep. By r

ecording a short video to capture their level of readiness you can ascertain if they’re ready. Here are some questions to ask during the video recording:

  • Why are you best suited to attend this trade show?
  • What kind of prospects are you targeting at the event?
  • What will be your elevator pitch to them?
  • What are your goals for the trade show?

The reps can record their responses and elevator pitches on their mobile device or desktop computer. These can then be approved and certified by subject matter experts and the top certified reps selected to attend the trade show. The good news is the process is straightforward and simple enough that you can use it every time you’re investing in a trade show, so you’ll always have only your best reps in attendance.