Learn How Mindtickle Powers the School of Splunk

Nancy French, Splunk

With Mindtickle as Splunk Coach’s engine, Splunk could begin taking action on its main enablement objectives, including increasing sales rep productivity and overall revenue impact and creating more engaging and personalized learning journeys. In this video, Nancy French, Director of Operations, Systems & Tools at Splunk, talks about how Sales Managers at Splunk can now create their coaching content faster and personalize it to fit the specific needs of their reps. This also frees up our content team to work on other tasks.

Okta Sees a 33% Reduction in Onboarding Time with Mindtickle

MichaelAnthony Capri, Okta

Okta has multiple teams, like pre-sales and CSMs, so their biggest challenge was onboarding for these teams. Okta believes in the “sales everboarding” of their teams, where they believe in a continuous onboarding process that lasts beyond a new hire’s first few days. MichaelAnthony Capri, Technical Enablement Senior Program Manager at Okta, talks about how they used the Mindtickle series and quick updates to set a path for the onboarding process and to train learners from a value-selling POV. Watch this video to learn more about how Okta leverages Mindtickle to decrease the sales ramp-up time with a more organized and structured onboarding process.

Okta Realizes Higher Mindtickle Adoption and Improved Usability

Ariel Elliott, OKTA

Okta was looking for a robust sales enablement and onboarding program for their sales team that allowed for a faster ramp to productivity. They were not only looking for a platform with different features but with better usability of those features with more control and visibility for the managers. In this video Ariel Elliott, Curriculum Director at Okta, talks about how Mindtickle provides better control in the backend for learners’ modules, helping them to track the completion rates, resulting in higher adoption.

Wiley Publishing Talks About the Mindtickle Experience.

Vanessa Garrabrant, Wiley Publishing

“With Mindtickle, We have been able to formalize the onboarding process; using coaching forms has been a game changer for us,” says Vanessa Garrabrant, Trainer – Sales & Success at John Wiley & Sons. They can now set up parameters for scoring the new hires, which helps the managers follow the same process for every learner. Garrabrant also talks about how Mindtickle coaching forms and certifications help her better understand the learners’ performance and engagement in sales meetings and coaching sessions. Watch this video to learn how Mindtickle’s sales coaching solutions help sales reps kickstart their customer demos after completing certifications.

SCI Maps its Competency Framework with Mindtickle

Sonia Scott, SCI

Sales can be a high-pressure activity, so injecting some fun into the training leads to higher engagement. Sonia Scott, Senior Manager of Sales Excellence, talks about how Mindtickle makes sales training fun for SCI’s team. The small but impactful features make it more exciting for sales reps at SCI. Mindtickle made training relevant and impactful, lowering attrition rates from 80 to 30. “With Mindtickle, we were able to save on cost, help train and create a benchmark,” Scott said. Watch this video to learn more about SCI’s competency framework with Mindtickle.

Splunk Fosters Sales Coaching Culture

We began all of this with a defined governance model and operational processes, executive buy-in and champions across the company, metrics to map back to, and a plan to ensure adoption would be seamless. Without taking these initial steps — and, of course, Mindtickle powering Splunk Coach — Splunk wouldn’t have been able to attain a culture of coaching.