How Online Sales Training Can Be Used to Increase Staff Retention

New Hire Onboarding

Companies with a reputation for retaining star employees over the course of many years understand that quality training is a major reason employees stay on the job. Ask any human resources professional and they will agree that training, more so than money, is the key to employee retention.

Think about your experiences in training and how participation made you feel. Did you feel special? Did you feel included? Did you feel valuable? Here are our top 5 ways online sales training can be used to increase staff retention.

1. Online sales training helps new employees get acclimated to their new working environment. The first few days at a new job can be the most difficult. The new employee wants to impress her boss as well as be viewed as competent by her colleagues. An online sales training program can relieve some of that initial tension, letting the new employee know what is expected of them, and a mark a roadmap to get up to speed.

2. Training reinforces to the employee that she is a valuable asset that helps the company to grow and profit. Every sales employee wants to feel that their presence and hard work make a difference. Being chosen to participate in a training reinforces the feeling that they have a place in the company and have something important to contribute.

3. Online sales training programs help employees to learn new skills while on the job. It is possible for star employees to become bored in their day to day work activities. If they do not see an opportunity to learn a new skill to be used in their current position, or even in another department, they may start to look for other employment elsewhere.

4. Online sales training allows employees to also hone old skills. With the advent of new technologies being implemented on a daily basis, it is possible for certain procedures to become obsolete. This creates an opportunity for you, as a company, to let your employees know that you still value their expertise and want to further invest in them to update their skills.

5. The convenience of online sales training programs allow employees to fit in training when it suits their schedule. This may be ideal for sales staff who find themselves moving from one city to another to make sales presentations on a regular basis. Locking your employees into a training schedule that only happens at certain days and times can be a huge waste of funds.

MindTickle wants to help your company create your next online sales training program that will increase your staff retention rate. We can take your current sales training materials and convert them into an online format that is convenient, flexible, and saves you money in preparing training events.

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