[Podcast] How to Coach your Customer to Choose your Product with Jeffrey Lipsius (Episode 11)

In this 15 minute

interview Lipsius outlines:

  • Why decision coaching is important to your customers
  • What are the must-have components of a top-notch sales training program
  • How to coach your sales reps so that it sticks
  • The link between mindfulness and sales performance

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“The new problem customers are facing is that they have too many choices. And making decisions are difficult because they’re so distracted, everybody wants their attention instantly. Customers now really need somebody’s help to coach them through the decision process.”

And that’s where the modern salesperson can step in according to Jeffrey Lipsius, Author, and President of Selling To The Point. With over 30 years experience in training salespeople, Lipsius has seen how the sales game has changed in the digital age.

“The salesperson has to be the learner, not the teacher. So the salesperson has to be very customer aware. Because if you are customer aware then you’re going to be able to respond in a way that’s going to help the customer make better decisions. All this talk about salespeople getting customer buying resistance, handling objections and being difficult in prospecting, that all goes away if the customer believes that the salesperson is there to help them make a better decision.”

That’s why Lipsius believes that decision coaching is a very important tool for a salesperson add to their tool chest. “A salesperson really only has to pay attention to 3 factors in the customer’s decision process,” says Lipsius.
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to find out Lipsius’ three C’s to the customer decision process.