MongoDB’s Formula for Sales Success [Podcast, Episode 4]

In this 12-minute

interview Powers outlines:

  • The key tenets of sales excellence for MongoDB;
  • How MongoDB’s onboarding program and advanced sales training keep their reps at the top of their game; and
  • How their sales reps become Courageous Qualifiers.

Listen now

to hear how Powers equips MongoDB’s sales team to differentiate themselves in the market.

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Sales_excellence_podcast_episode4“A key tenet of sales excellence is an effective, purposeful and great discovery with the customer. Ensuring that both you and that customer or prospect are really focused on the biggest business issues at hand.”

Jeremy Powers is Senior Director of Sales Enablement at MongoDB and he’s kicking some big goals while the company’s sales team scales rapidly. A critical component of their sales enablement strategy is their onboarding boot camp.

“During boot camp we always give our reps a forum to practice. Really try things, struggle a little bit and really dive in using real-life customer opportunities. That’s a win any time you can do that.”

“The goal of our onboarding program is to provide our sales team with an in-depth understanding of the industry, our customers, our technology and our solution sets. Then build upon that baseline to equip our reps to consistently qualify for opportunities, get and set great meetings with the right people and ultimately prepare them to engage in highly effective, highly valuable conversations with prospects,” he continues.

“Ultimately we want to arm our sales team to not only differentiate themselves based on what we sell but also on how they sell and interact with customers.”