September 30th, 2020

Like so many organizations operating in the new normal, Melbourne-based IT and executive recruitment company Halcyon Knights has had to transition almost exclusively to digital selling. But with its entire customer-facing sales team dispersed across the APAC region, ensuring everyone was on the same page in terms of messaging proved challenging — and it affected the team’s ability to generate leads and efficiently close deals.

Part of the problem was the company’s content repository: Halcyon Knights relied exclusively on Microsoft’s Sharepoint to store and share marketing collateral and learning materials. With Halcyon Knights’ rapid growth, much of this content ended up stuck in in-boxes, frequently unopened and ignored.

L&D, Enablement lead charge to find “smarter” sales enablement and readiness solution
Leah Wigg, head of Enablement at Halcyon Knights, and Nilanthi Jayasuriya, head of Learning & Development, teamed up to find a solution that would provide a more dynamic way of sharing critical information and marketing collateral, as well as a way to provide remote coaching and training sessions to Halcyon Knights’ geographically dispersed team.

Although initially looking for a simple intranet solution to replace Sharepoint, Leah and Nilanthi quickly realized they needed to refocus their search on a more comprehensive, smarter enablement solution. They began searching for user experience with intuitive navigation that would be easy to use and a platform that would provide single sign-on — a specific request from employees who were tired of multiple other solutions requiring passwords.

Leah and Nilanthi looked at Brainshark and Showpad among others, but nothing stood out against an integrated solution using MindTickle and Highspot. Highspot was implemented first as a repository for all the company’s checklists, templates, fact sheets, email templates, playbooks, and other business development, sales materials, and marketing collateral. MindTickle was added a bit later for online communications and coordination with salespeople across different offices, as well as providing e-learning courses, virtual training and coaching tools — all of which are crucial during the COVID-19 era, where physical gatherings are no longer possible.

Actionable insights delivered by MindTickle and Highspot
The MindTickle-Highspot solution now delivers a unified experience and a comprehensive platform for everyone using the solution. Admins and users report that the integrated platform is easy to use; managers are thrilled to be able to succinctly and clearly track how their sales teams are engaging prospects and customers and closing deals, thanks to the data-driven actionable insights provided by the solution.

“We need to train people on how to do business development and sales,” said Leah. “We need to train them on how to send out content. We need to show them where the fact sheets and other collateral is located and have training videos on how to negotiate deals. MindTickle helps our sales team find the right content at the right time in Highspot.”

Leveraging downtime to invest in readiness tools and coaching
MindTickle and Highspot helped Halcyon Knights just in time, as the lockdown order took effect in March 2020. Unable to conduct face-to-face coaching and training sessions, Leah and Nilanthi worked on a COVID-19 Playbook in Highspot called “Investing in Downtime,” which included MindTickle Missions and Courses and Highspot’s content to help boost engagement and enthusiasm, and create an opportunity from the shelter-in-place downtime to buoy knowledge accrual and sales skills remotely.

In addition, Leah and Nilanthi were able to easily move their training and coaching to a virtual format with the help of MindTickle, which comes specially equipped for remote learning, training, coaching and virtual instructor-led training. Similarly, Highspot enabled the Halcyon Knights sales team to send out content to clients without missing a beat.

“Recruitment is difficult, especially during the downturn, yet we are still able to sign on new clients thanks to the content we’re sending out,” said Leah. “It helped us establish trust and build a relationship with prospects.”

Some of the COVID-19 Playbook content included podcasts and activities recruiters could use to revamp their LinkedIn profile as well as other training for new skills and techniques.

Nilanthi and Leah say that the sales team and managers appreciate the value brought by the MindTickle-Highspot integration — not only because it helps them enhance their business development efforts even during a time of crisis, but also because the integrated solution can be used to pull together programs that help them invest and grow in their career.

Building a learning culture for the long term
Nilanthi and Leah want to continue to build on the learning culture at Halcyon Knights as the company grows and scales.

“The integrated platform is a way to add and build on the kind of high-performance ecosystem that we were trying to make learning be a part of… Being able to weave the concept of a learning culture into the one ecosystem is really important to us,” said Nilanthi.

Thanks to the MindTickle and Highspot integration, Halcyon Knights is well on its way to building that learning and coaching culture.

“In the current environment, there are many struggling businesses, and you have to be the best at your trade and always provide value to your customers and prospects,” said Leah. “If you’re not investing in training and customer-centric content, you might not make it in this environment.”

The power of an integrated enablement and readiness solution
The MindTickle-Highspot partnership has given sales enablement, readiness and L&D professionals significant flexibility to contextually store, disseminate and communicate marketing, sales and training content. What’s more, sales and other customer-facing teams can use MindTickle’s skills training and coaching tools to reinforce, practice and apply learned content as part of customizable ongoing enablement programs.

Building on a successful platform integration, MindTickle and Highspot recently reached another milestone, enabling Highspot content to be reflected in MindTickle for training purposes. The Content Picker integration between Highspot and MindTickle allows you to access and use Highspot content in MindTickle. You can bring Highspot content into MindTickle’s Course and Quick-Update modules and easily add these as resources in Factopedia with a simple content upload function.

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