[Webinar] Procore’s Secret to Building a Sales Enablement Powerhouse


Sales enablement is about your approach to empowering your team to be successful in different areas and much less about someone owning that function. It’s about an entire organization crowdsourcing and working together to focus on results, learning development and mastering the craft.”

As Manager of Sales Enablement at Procore Technologies, this collaborative approach to enablement has been core to Alex Jaffe’s

success. Procore is one of the world’s most widely used construction management software that recently hit unicorn status.

But it hasn’t been an easy ride Jaffe reflects, “New reps were coming in and we didn’t even have phones set up or Salesforce login. So we really focused on building the foundation. Depending on where you’re at in your company lifecycle you’re going to have different challenges, but it’s all going to revolve around your rapidly growing sales team.”

“Just like racing car drivers, even the rock stars in your sales team need to make sure that their car is perfectly tuned for the track they’re racing on. Sales enablement is just like this. It allows your racing drivers to go fast and go well,” chimes in Marc Wendling, Vice President of Sales at Mindtickle.

In this webinar Alex and Marc explain:

  • How to create a sales enablement program that meets the needs of each stage of your sales reps’ development;
  • What role stakeholders, technology and data play in building a sales enablement framework;
  • Why coaching your sales managers is just as important as training your reps; and
  • How coaching can be personalized to meet each of your reps’ individual needs.

Listen now

to hear Alex Jaffe of Procore Technologies, along with our VP Sales, Marc Wendling, talk with Larry Reeves of AA-ISP about how to create a sales enablement powerhouse that will help you make your sales reps successful.

Listen to the webinar now