Precision medicine technology company scales a strategic onboarding experience for remote teams with Mindtickle.

  • Onboarding process lacked structure to match company growth
  • In-person training didn’t maximize time or resources
  • Difficulty delivering consistent training and ensuring comprehension from remote sales team
  • Continuous product development meant training quickly became outdated
Readiness Approach
  • Over 20 formalized onboarding courses available on mobile app
  • Presentation, demo and objection handling role-play scenarios
  • Multiple-choice assessments to ensure comprehension and identify knowledge gaps
  • A content library accessible any time in the field
  • Consistent new hire experience regardless of location or cohort
  • Maximize in-person training time with structured at-home study, classroom application, and relevant follow-up
  • Improved understanding and development of competency levels
  • Efficient use of resources, time and subject matter experts

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