Case Study: Chaayos

Chaayos reduced their onboarding time by 50% and improved their CSAT score significantly.
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Chaayos is one of the fastest growing chain of cafes in India with a strong presence in all the leading cities.

They currently have 40 cafes and express outlets in commercial zones and specialize in offering a variety of customizable teas.

Operating in a huge market, Chaayos has an ambitious goal – to be a leading brand in the Asia Pacific region. Essential to achieving this goal is maintaining high quality products and providing a consistently accurate level of service.

To achieve store-readiness, we couldn’t rely on traditional methods anymore. Our instructors and managers visit every cafe and train cafe reps on our products and processes which is costly and time-consuming. For us to be successful - consistent customer experience is key, and to provide that our reps must follow our processes.

Raghav Verma

— Co-founder at Chaayos

Chaayos was hiring a large number of new employees every month. Convening all of them at a centralized training center was an inefficient and costly exercise. Raghav Verma, the co-founder of Chaayos, realized that he needed to invest in a scalable and effective technology to train and coach new hires. He looked for a software solution that could deliver consistent and impactful training at stores across a widely distributed geography.

The engaging and adaptable onboarding setup

After going through a comprehensive evaluation, Chaayos chose MindTickle as best suited to meet the company’s ambitious training and onboarding objectives. Raghav was impressed that the platform supported gamification and was accessible through mobile. This made it both engaging and easily adaptable. After a successful pilot, Chaayos rolled out a full-fledged onboarding program via MindTickle.

To accelerate store-readiness, Chaayos deployed an onboarding program that provided a structured yet progressively sophisticated learning path for new hires. The program was divided into four sections – Basic, Food, Hot and Cold training.

After reps completed the Basic training module, they were each assigned a combination of “Food, Hot and Cold” training. This ensured that, at the end of the first 30 days, each store was equipped with one expert for each process.

Sample Onboarding Structure

In addition to accelerating store-readiness, Chaayos and its employees benefited in a number of ways from this program:

Micro learning improved engagement

Raghav and the L&D team were able to deliver bite-sized training to the cafe reps irrespective of where they were located. This resulted in higher engagement and employee satisfaction.

Modules were customizable

The admins had the ability to assign role-based training and customize learning paths to suit the unique requirements of each role and level.

Mobile access was convenient

The reps were able to access the product and process information on the MindTickle Mobile App. This meant they could refer to training at the moment of need or opportunity – either in their commute or wait times or while in the store as a quick refresher.


Badges, live leaderboards and points, ensured healthy competition and high adoption. In fact, as the leaderboard presented the scores from each cafe in ranking order, reps in each store demonstrated an increased commitment to improving their score and that of their cafe. This not only boosted productivity, but it also improved morale and retention.

Analytics gave management insights

Regular reporting provided the L&D team with visibility into the rep’s performance so that they could provide more actionable feedback.


50% reduction in onboarding time of cafe reps

40% reduction in attrition rate

87% of Chaayos outlets reported an increase in the CSAT score

We observed a steady trend, that after the first week new hires adopted MindTickle quickly as a learning tool. Regular analytics reports gave us insights that showed that every user had completed more than 90% of their onboarding within one month of using MindTickle.

exclaimed Raghav