CM Group Drives Virtual Onboarding and Consistent Messaging with Mindtickle


About CM Group

  • CM group has Martech industry’s largest family of email and multichannel marketing products
  • Founded in 2017 with the collection of three industry-leading email marketing platforms: Campaign Monitor, Delivra, and Emma.
  • Created to offer solutions that meet the needs of every marketer
  • They allow clients to scale across brands as they grow, identifying the right solutions at every step of their journey.


  • When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CM Group’s entire company shifted to working remotely.
  • This meant they were faced with a challenge they hadn’t experienced before: finding ways to onboard new hires virtually.
  • On top of this, CM Group still had to train and motivate their existing employee base remotely.
  • They had access to multiple enablement platforms but were struggling to streamline them into one consistent process.


  • With a pressing need to roll out onboarding and training programs remotely throughout the pandemic, CM Group’s enablement team opted to consolidate their enablement platforms to create the CM Group Knowledge Hub.
  • The Knowledge Hub acts as a collaborative onboarding experience for new hires, while also serving as a source for regular updates for seasoned team members.
  • By implementing new strategies like Missions using Mindtickle, CM Group is able to ensure their entire customer-facing team is trained on consistent messaging and processes.


  • After making the decision to consolidate platforms, CM Group experienced a fast and easy transition to Mindtickle
  • Upon implementing Mindtickle, CM Group saw a decrease in ramp time for customer-facing roles.
  • CM Group quickly saw increased consistency in messaging across all of their customer- facing communications.
  • With a sales readiness platform in place, employees at CM Group were being onboarded and trained effectively and consistently.

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