Dabur has a geographically distributed sales team, and each rep is constantly on the field visiting hundreds of mom-and-pop stores on a daily basis. With over a dozen of competitors, the Sales Capability Team (SC Team) had its task cut out. They had to deliver information related to new product, competition, and sales deals to the reps and at the same time reinforce sales process knowledge.

Challenges in the existing framework:

  • Sharing dynamic information in real-time across different geographies and roles
  • Measuring the absorption of information by reps
  • Assessing ‘who’ knew ‘what’ and remediating accordingly

“We used MindTickle to provide us with the visibility on the learning curve of each member in the sales team. Another thing that really helped us was the creation of a knowledge bank – a repository of product information, sales processes and other sales collaterals.” explains Anshul Gupta, Head of Trade Marketing at Dabur

Overcoming Challenges with MindTickle

Mobility – Reps were able to learn on-the-go and had access to the product and process information on the MindTickle Mobile App.

Customization – The SC Team could now design modules based on the role and location of their reps, such as – territory managers and area heads and track their performance individually.

Real-time Update – To capitalize the most out of latest updates, timely communication of information was crucial. The SC Team now had a provision to create and deliver bite-sized information in real-time.

Visibility – Analytics and customized reports gave managers visibility into their reps performance and made the feedback mechanism more contextual.

Gamification – Features such as – badges and points ensured high engagement. When analyzed, participation and completion for all the crucial updates was over 95%.

Reinforcement – Timely assessments improved absorption & ensured retention of the information. It also kept the reps motivated to outperform themselves and their peers.