Domino case study

Domino Data Lab reduced their sales cycle length by 11% and created an environment for more engaging and beneficial conversations with the help of fast and effective updates, demo certifications and an easy end-user experience from MindTickle.

About Domino Data Lab

  • Provides an open data science platform to help businesses develop and deploy models that drive innovation and competitive advantage
  • One of the fastest growing technology companies in North America (ranked 41 on Deloitte Technology Fast 500)


  • Frequent changes in messaging and positioning due to a new and fast-growing sector resulted in a need to consistently educate reps and get the voice of the company to the field in a scalable way
  • Strain on global sales team with limited time and opportunities for enablement trainings


  • Fast and effective quick updates
  • Easy end-user experiences that can be consumed asynchronously
  • Demo certifications to ensure completion and comprehension


  • Boost in engagement and beneficial conversations on industry and company news
  • Rapid adoption of MindTickle contributed to a 11% reduction in sales cycle length
  • Moving towards peer-to-peer learning in MindTickle to establish and celebrate best practices

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