Elmo Motion Control case study

Elmo Motion Control enabled their reps to be more successful when interacting with customers by providing engaging knowledge from the start, developing their skills through role-plays and coaching, and supporting best practices with peer-to-peer learning.

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About Elmo Motion Control:

  • Global leading provider of high precision servo drives and multi-axis motion controllers
  • Dedicated presence in eight countries with 300+ staff worldwide


  • Small sales enablement team stretched thin by global sales operations
  • Traveling to instructor-led onboarding delayed new reps’ productivity
  • Managers lacked enablement support and guidance for coaching opportunities
  • Enterprise information portal lacked communication, training and analytics capabilities


  • Data-driven platform facilitating content creation, distribution, consumption and analytics
  • Virtual role-play allows reps to practice customer-facing scenarios
  • Coaching templates help guide managers to lead more effective 1-on-1 sessions with reps


  • Accessible and streamlined sales enablement and communication with reps in the field
  • Personalized, effective field coaching sessions for better reps and front-line managers
  • Greater visibility of reps’ improvement and engagement with training content over time

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