Network intelligence software company drives multiple learning paths with data-driven sales readiness.

  • Rapidly growing sales team mandated faster, more efficient onboarding
  • Limited resources to support enablement initiatives
  • Technical product lines and various learning styles required a range of training options
  • No learning management system or enablement tool in place
  • Structured and accelerated enablement programs powered by a data-driven readiness platform
  • New sales operating model with designated monthly learning time
  • “Mastery of the Message” campaign with video role-play scenarios and a Best Pitches library
  • Developed certification program for reseller partner channel and customers
  • Centralized enablement content repository
  • Built different learning paths to accommodate various learners and facilitate enablement
  • Identified qualifications and attributes to predict new reps’ potential and fit
  • Ability to correlate training with reps’ results in the field
  • Increased visibility and collaboration among sales leaders and reps

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