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Sheryl Hughes
Director, Enablement Operations
The automation behind the process, the ease with which we can build and assign engaging and attractive courses, and all the support from the Mindtickle team… I’m not sure what else we could ask for from a sales readiness platform.

About Medallia

  • Medallia is committed to helping organizations create a culture that values every person and every experience—a commitment shared by everyone at Medallia.
  • Medallia provides software-as-a-service, customer experience management and employee experience management software to hospitality, retail, financial services, high-tech, and business-to-business companies internationally.
  • Medallia Experience Cloud is a customer feedback management software platform that empowers every employee to improve the customer experience.

The challenge

  • In summer 2020, Medallia was ready for a new LMS. Its current tool was on its way out, and Medallia was ready for a new solution to better support and streamline its sales onboarding process.
  • “Speed to revenue is an important metric, and we knew that we needed a more robust onboarding process to help our new hires be successful,” said Sheryl Hughes, Director, Enablement Operations at Medallia.
  • “Up to this point, the formal onboarding curriculum we developed leveraging interactive course development tools only filled a one-week program.
  • Much of our training still involved representatives from different departments sharing presentations. That just doesn’t scale.”

The solution

  • During its vendor assessment, Mindtickle remained a frontrunner, according to Hughes, as it offered a lot more functionality than the other tools they were considering.
  • “We were also intrigued by Mindtickle’s coaching and Missions, as well as its use of automation and AI,” she said.
  • “We signed the contract in August and were up and running in September.”
  • Medallia worked closely with Mindtickle support to upload its core program and create the framework, hierarchy, course- naming conventions, and data map for its Workday import.
  • The company also worked hard to create new courses compiled from the aforementioned presentations. This upfront work ensured the entire project’s success.

The impact

  • 68% onboarding completion rate among new hires since launch
  • 20x increase in the number of onboarding modules published
  • Increase in the number of sellers that meet their quotas
  • Decreased ramp times
  • 54% activities completion rate, indicating sellers are using Mindtickle consistently to practice