About Mendix

Mendix helps enterprises achieve their digital goals. Their unified platform empowers customers to transform industries, bring new digital products to market, delight online users, educate global populations, and reinvent themselves by developing and deploying applications at the speed of ideas.

What do you like best?

The challenge when designing our Sales Champions Program was how do we build true “sales capability” by ensuring that the knowledge and skills learnt are internalised and transferred to execution in the field….this is what Mindtickle helps us achieve.

The true value of Mindtickle to Mendix are Missions. These are activities that allow individuals in our sales team to practice and demonstrate that they can perform real world selling tasks which when combine indicate a level of productivity (the individual can perform in a professional, independent and autonomous manner).

Missions allow our team to practice, receive coaching and be certified on tasks such as:

  • Explaining key concepts with precision in a concise manner as if talking with a prospect on the phone
  • Demonstrate the ability use key tools in our sales stack like DiscoverORG, LinkedIn, SalesLoft etc.
  • Demonstrate the ability to write compelling and effective emails and documents
  • Demonstrate their ability to deliver engaging and on-message message presentations
  • Demonstrate their ability to execute key pipeline generation activities such as outbound calls and discovery conversations

What do you dislike?

  • Reporting needs to be improved to make Mindtickle easier to operationalize (manage the people and processes around Mindtickle)
  • Licencing and pricing seems to be unclear as new functionality is added, there could be more clarity around what is included and what’s not included in the standard licence fee

Recommendation to others considering the product

  • Architect the program at high level, design out each phase, be agile, and move fast
  • Get the highest level of support and sponsorship (CEO, CRO)
  • Leverage excellence in the organization Eg. built by sales for sales
  • Focus on high leverage activities, make it applicable to what a sales person has to do, direct value to them day – day
  • Keep learning short, Keep missions short
  • Challenge, recognize success, report, reward

What business problems are you solving with the product?
What benefits have you realized?

Business Problems

  • New hire on-boarding of commercial roles across EMEA and US
  • Sales performance improvement


  • Consistent and elevated standard of execution in-field
  • New hires engaging with prospects much faster and with more confidence