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Richie Khandelwal
President and Co-Founder
With Call AI, we can capture every word of a customer call, which provides concrete direction on how to make our product better and also identify gaps where our sales team lacks understanding of our product or vision. This is a must have for any company and it truly fuels our growth.

About PriceLabs

  • PriceLabs is a powerful web-based revenue management & dynamic pricing software for vacation and short-term rentals that integrates with various Property Management Systems.
  • Works with Airbnb, VRBO, Vacation Rentals, BnB’s, Apart-hotels, Serviced Apartments globally with No geographical constraints.
  • PriceLabs help save time and increase income with their dynamic pricing tool and data solutions.

The challenge

  • PriceLabs, the leading revenue management platform for vacation and short-term rentals, wanted a solution to record customer calls so its product team could uncover customers’ sentiment and gain insight into their needs.
  • In contrast, the product team felt there were new solutions that weren’t being pitched adequately.
  • Recorded calls would help PriceLabs share feedback with the product team and also help identify where the team was missing the mark on explaining its product.
  • This was especially important because PriceLabs doubled its team in the previous six months, and planned to double the team again in the following six months.

The solution

  • With Call AI, PriceLabs automatically records and transcribes reps’ customer meetings in real time, generating actionable insights based on the customer voice that informs decisions around product features and functionality.
  • In addition, reps learn from real-life scenarios, accelerating onboarding and informing learning paths.

The impact

  • 20% reduction in new rep ramp time
  • Increase in win rates as a result of improved enablement efforts and ability to easily get feedback on deals from other teammates
  • Improvement in awareness and understanding of customer requirements for the product and services team