Mindtickle’s Enablement Solution Transforms Global Pharmaceutical Co’s Sales Execution

Leveraged modern sales readiness platform for onboarding, ride-along coaching, drug detailing, training and certification

With operations in more than 100 countries, one of the world’s top five global pharmaceutical company’s legacy Learning Management System (LMS) and other point solutions were no longer effective. The company needed a purpose-built, end-to-end sales enablement solution to meet the diverse needs of their sales teams.

In particular, they were struggling to keep their globally distributed sales teams on message when they communicated with medical professionals and hospitals. Keeping their sales teams on the message was so important to the company they were willing to incentivize them—tracking and measuring would be key to this endeavor.

The Right Sales Enablement Solution

Mindtickle provided the company with a perfect combination of training, micro-learning, video certification, coaching, and analytics— delivered as a single user experience. Mindtickle also provided a unique way to score the capabilities of each sales rep, team, and region.

Today, their global sales team uses Mindtickle’s mobile application for sales onboarding, ride-along coaching, drug detailing, training and certification. Mindtickle’s Sales Capability Index™ (SCI) is used by regional and business line executive management as the leading indicator of any sales reps’ performance.

Achieving >90% Adoption

The sales leaders recognized the importance of this initiative but the sales enablement team but feared frontline managers and reps might be reluctant to adopt the new technology. “By default, when you introduce new technology, there is apprehension,” observed the director of commercial excellence.

A single region was selected to adopt the technology first, and the managing director led the launch. The leadership team was strategically aligned, they pushed their message down from managers to the reps, and through their internal communication portal. The result was an immediate uptake of more than 90% of the company’s message and, retention has now been sustained for more than a year. The program was so successful that, within a year of deployment, Mindtickle has been leveraged by 60% of their sales teams globally.

One of the key reasons for this sustained adoption is Mindtickle’s consumer-oriented, gamified end user experience. The Mindtickle platform is built using the award-winning HOOK methodology that accounts for high rates of engagement in social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

The Many Uses of Mindtickle

Pharmaceutical companies operate in a highly regulated environment. Compliance regulations require them to follow a particular sequence of actions which includes educating, certifying, coaching, tracking, and monitoring. Before implementing Mindtickle, the company did not have a formal or repeatable process for any of these processes.

Thanks to Mindtickle, they now execute monthly certification programs and new product communication and reinforcement programs, with ride-along coaching. All of these activities are tied together by a single metric—the sales capability index (SCI). The SCI is calculated for individuals, teams, and regions and is key to their sales compensation program.

Pharmaceutical Industry Use Cases

  •    Sales onboarding
  •    Ride-along coaching
  •    New product certifications
  •    Sales meetings across multiple locations
  •    Training reinforcement
  •    Effective and consistent messaging
  •    Tracking to a Sales Capability Index (SCI)