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Alex Jaffe
Sales Enablement Manager
Our approach to sales enablement is in three different areas: Selling skills, a definite approach to product and industry, and working efficiently with our technology and maximizing results

Procore Achieves Excellence with Structured Sales Enablement and Onboarding

About Procore

  • Procore is a software company that provides cloud-based construction management software.
  • It allows teams of construction companies, property owners, project managers, contractors, and partners to collaborate on construction projects and share access to documents, planning systems and data, using an Internet-connected device.
  • The software includes features such as meeting minutes, drawing markups and document storage for all project-related materials.


  • When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CM Group’s entire company shifted to working remotely.
  • This meant they were faced with a challenge they hadn’t experienced before: finding ways to onboard new hires virtually.
  • On top of this, CM Group still had to train and motivate their existing employee base remotely.
  • They had access to multiple enablement platforms but were struggling to streamline them into one consistent process.


  • Procore’s sales team was growing rapidly, and with that, they were having difficulty gauging the performance of their team.
  • Because their team was expanding so quickly, Procore was also struggling to keep salespeople up-to-date on constantly evolving product, industry, and competitive information.
  • With such a fast-growing team, aligning their core messaging and sales process became a challenge.
  • This included hiring new reps and ramping them up quickly.
  • To go along with this, managing and delivering sales collateral in a way that ensured a consistent customer experience was something the Procore team wanted to do, but wasn’t able to scale.
  • They knew they needed to implement a structured sales enablement program. Alex Jaffe, Sales Enablement Manager for Procore, played a critical role in executing this strategy.


  • Sales enablement at Procore was structured into two distinct categories: segment based and functional based.
  • All roles within the categories functioned as a conduit between sales and the different departments involved in each initiative.
  • The distinction based on functions and initiatives helped Procore handle their overall sales enablement program with ease.
  • Using Mindtickle, Procore facilitated a structured, streamlined, and outcome oriented onboarding process to ensure their reps were set up for success.
  • The first 90 days would be the initial onboarding phase, and from then on it would be about continual improvement, called ongoing enablement.


  • Procore has more than a 90% adoption of content and sales enablement technology by reps.
  • Sales reps rate the overall program 4.8/5 according to their internal NPS survey
  • 99% of Procore’s sales reps recommend the program
  • Core sales messaging at Procore has remained consistent amidst hyper growth
  • Reps are up-to-date on constantly evolving product, industry, and competitive information