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Greg Myers
Regional Vice President Sales
The recordings and transcripts provided by Call AI are a prime piece of business intelligence for me. This allows me to coach my team to more wins and emphasize what’s working for us.

About Turing Video

  • Turing Video is the industry-leading safety and security video surveillance platform.
  • Turing’s Advanced AI algorithms help improve existing camera’s safety, security features by monitoring and searching incidents fast, from anywhere.
  • They Analyze patterns to increase operational efficiency while reducing security costs

The challenge

  • Turing Video’s go to market is primarily driven through inbound meetings set by SDRs.
  • In these meetings, reps further qualify prospects and convert them into deals.
  • The sales management at Turing was looking to improve win rates, and better understand how company messaging was being communicated by sales reps on their calls with customers and prospects.
  • They wanted to be able to assess rep competencies on actual calls in order to address gaps through 1-on-1 coaching and through group enablement programs.

The solution

  • Turing leverages Mindtickle for their onboarding and sales readiness programs.
  • By integrating Mindtickle’s Call AI with the Readiness platform, Turing is set to achieve a “continuous improvement culture” within their sales team.
  • Call AI automatically records, transcribes, and analyzes all Turing sales meetings.
  • Insights like Call Scores are then used by sales managers to understand which reps use prescribed messaging and discovery questions, where skill gaps exist, and how enablement programs need to be updated.
  • Reps also leverage Call AI for self-learning.

The impact

  • 200% Increase in Quota attainment Year on Year
  • 50% Reduction in New Rep Ramp Time during the pandemic
  • 2.5x Improvement in Average call scores across the team