Unum case study

Unum reduces training time by 60% in the first three weeks of onboarding while also increasing agent engagement and development satisfaction with MindTickle.

About Unum

  • Provides access to disability, life, accident, critical illness, dental and vision benefits through workplaces
  • Services over 177,000 workplaces in the US and UK
  • Protects over 38 million people and their families worldwide with almost $7.2 billion in benefits paid each year


  • Duplication of sales content in multiple locations
  • Manual processes impacting ability to track content
  • Existing tools were cumbersome to learn and use
  • Time and resource-consuming classroom training


  • Automated role-based readiness program
  • Audio, video and written role-plays to develop skills
  • Certification of skills and knowledge
  • Detailed analytics by individual and team
  • Enabled remote learning


  • Reduced training time in the first three weeks of onboarding by 60%
  • Automatically push readiness programs to agents on Start Day
  • Increased agent engagement and development satisfaction
  • Improved insights into the effectiveness of enablement
  • Reduced duplication of content leveraged across multiple roles and systems
  • Consistent brand and enablement initiatives driven across the business

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