Veracyte case study

Veracyte hosts more engaging sales calls and positive sales growth to match its 5x growth with Mindtickle.

About Veracyte

  • A pioneering genomic diagnostics company that provides trustworthy and actionable answers to improve patient care
  • Created seven genomic tests that transform the diagnosis of thyroid cancer, lung cancer, and idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  • Customers include physicians and medical specialists


  • Multiple product launches required rapid rollout of detailed
    technical knowledge and sharp messaging
  • Rapidly growing sales team required targeted content for both
    new hires and on-going content for existing sales team
  • Offline training content was hard to update and lacked a
    mechanism to track review, retention and fluency across a
    growing team with diverse tenure


  • Digitize sales readiness programs for training
  • Bite-sized, focused learning programs available in various formats – including video and audio – for increased relevance, convenience and engagement
  • Reinforced learning with quizzes and assessments
  • Access enablement programs and content on mobile – anytime, anywhere


  • Quickly create digital updates and bite-sized content, resulting in less administrative overhead and easier consumption of training materials
  • Improved enablement retention with reinforcement exercises and on-demand learning to refresh knowledge
  • Ensure sharper and consistent messaging across the team, leading to more engaging sales calls and positive sales growth
  • Easily track and manage readiness engagement with in-depth analytics
  • Match speed-to-scale with digitized onboarding
  • Improve messaging with recorded presentations to benchmark excellence

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