Wärtsilä powers global sales agility with data-driven sales enablement.
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Two great global realities – marine and energy – are at the heart of Wärtsilä’s business. The company provides and services smart technologies and equipment for the energy and marine industries, and its operations span more than 80 countries around the world. So, it wasn’t surprising that the first hints of strain in sales enablement came from communications bottlenecks.

For a company with sales cycles that could run up to five years, compromising on support for sales teams was not an option. “We have the biggest offering in the marine industry, with hundreds of products,” says Johanna, “There are infinite players in the [sales] process – ship owners, shipyards, ship designers, and operators – and our salespeople need to create relationships and build trust with all of them. They need to match the value of each product with each customer’s specific needs.”

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