Waystar case study

Waystar expanded and scaled their Sales Enablement program by consolidating a broad variety of industry background training and solution training content in MindTickle which had previously resided on their LMS or other solutions. In addition, sales reps now have more informed interactions with customers thanks to mobile, on-demand or scheduled access to the Sales Readiness resources. And Sales Enablement team can better track engagement and has enhanced insight into the effectiveness of their onboarding and training programs.

About Waystar:

  • Leading provider of revenue cycle technologies for healthcare organizations
  • More than 450,000 clients generating 2 billion transactions annually


  • Reinforce reps’ understanding of a complex, constantly changing industry
  • Improve sellers’ product knowledge and sales pitches
  • Scale enablement for a large, rapidly expanding sales team
  • Reduce reliance on resource-intensive instructor-led training


  • Consolidated training content on a mobile, on-demand platform
  • Video role-play functionality to polish and certify pitches
  • Quick updates to keep reps informed on industry developments and opportunities
  • Analytics to monitor engagement metrics and determine training programs


  • More time and resources to expand sales enablement
  • More informed interactions with customers
  • Richer, more engaging learner experience
  • Enhanced insight into effectiveness of training programs

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