Ask Me Anything: Building a Seller-Focused Sales Enablement Strategy

July 27th, 2022 · 11:00AM PT · Online

“A seller-focused sales enablement strategy” – sounds redundant. But is it?

We all like to think our sales enablement programs always have sellers at the center. But with pressure to execute a wide variety of initiatives from different stakeholders, it’s easy for us to drift further and further away from the field the more time we spend in the function.

In this session, we’ll chat with Mandy Bartlett of Nextep, who has had the unique opportunity to take her 9 years of experience carrying a quota and apply it to Nextep’s inaugural sales enablement team.

Join us as Mandy shares her perspective on:

  • Where to start when building out a new sales enablement function
  • What sellers really need to get productive quickly
  • How to gain – and keep – seller buy-in on sales enablement initiatives

Whether you’re just building out your sales enablement function, or recenter your existing strategy around your seller’s needs, we guarantee you’ll walk away with some food for thought.

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Mandy Barlett
Director of Sales Enablement
Lauren Comer
Senior Product Marketing Manager