Fall ’21 Product Announcement

Webinar | 9am PT, 5p BST |  Sep 14, 2021

Something big is coming! Mindtickle is driving a revolution in sales readiness. With all-new products and capabilities, Mindtickle will deliver the next generation of its sales readiness platform. Nothing like this exists in the market, we assure you!

Find out what it means for your sales team to be ready! Register now to discover how to:

  • Define the Ideal Rep Profile (IRP) and correlate skills and behaviors with sales success
  • Create programs aligned to critical competencies and based on enablement best practices using scalable templates
  • Build rep knowledge and skills with training, practice, and AI-assisted reinforcement
  • Align content to skills, sales process, and customer needs
  • Understand field performance during customer interactions using conversation intelligence
  • Optimize performance with bespoke sales coaching to fill in any remaining skill gaps