Live Demo: Why an LMS Won’t Cut it for Sales Enablement

August 24, 2022 · 1PM EST · Online

Sales enablement leaders sometimes default to old-fashioned LMS technology because it’s inexpensive, already implemented elsewhere in the organization, and is capable of meeting a very basic training use case. Since they can upload learning material and assign it out, they hope that’s enough to adequately enable their sellers.

However, the hard truth is that the kind of foundational training an LMS provides has become table stakes at this point. Those systems aren’t built for the unique needs of salespeople, and as a result your sales team will be at a competitive disadvantage to sellers who are being continuously ramped with smart, modern, sales-focused solutions.

Join Christian Pieper and Cole Cappellucci of Mindtickle to learn:

  • Why sellers need a system tailored to their learning styles
  • The pitfalls to expect when using an old-school LMS for sales enablement
  • How smart, modern revenue enablement platforms drive better results for sellers and your entire revenue organization.


Christian Pieper
Senior Product Marketing Manager
Cole Cappellucci
Enterprise Solutions Consultant