The Peer Power Hour

Invite-Only Virtual Event  |  Sep 17, 2020

Peer Power Hour

Invite-Only Virtual Event  |  Sep 17, 2020

When your organization undertakes projects or initiatives to improve performance, seize opportunities or address key issues, they often require changes to processes, job roles, organizational structures and types and uses of technology. While it seems like we became a virtual workforce overnight, the case for changing your field organization into a culture of coaching requires a methodic, mindful approach to inspire your employees to drive that change. If these individuals are unsuccessful in their transitions, the initiative will fail. But when employees embrace and adopt required changes it will deliver the expected results.

Join Julie Zhang, Head of North America Sales Enablement & Analytics at Russell Investment to discuss 3 practical questions that are critical path to shaping your new readiness response – in order to address the digital new normal: Have we identified and understand the typical obstacles around people and change (executive buy-in, change agents, process, personnel, resistance, business case)? Understanding the gaps within our current enablement approach, what are the elements we need to develop a blueprint for success? In presenting the case for changing technology, how do we frame and create an achievable business case?

In this exclusive interactive conversation, Julie will dive into the success criteria required to become a change agent with sales readiness in today’s modern workforce of remote and ready sellers.

Date: Thursday, September 17
Time: 10am PST

This is an invite-only event. If you’d like to join us at the Peer Pour Hour, please reach out to