Unveiling the Latest Sales Enablement Research: A Conversation With a CRO

10:30am PT | 6:30pm BST |  Oct 27, 2021

How ready are today’s sellers? Discover how 250+ revenue and sales leaders from around the globe approach getting their teams ready to sell and drastically improve quota attainment.

It’s time to go beyond traditional sales enablement. The future is sales readiness.

Sales readiness helps companies deliver a continuous state of excellence within their revenue organizations by implementing a suite of tools and processes to increase seller knowledge, enhance their performance, and help them adapt faster to market change.  

In this webinar, Matt Heinz, President at Heinz Marketing will sit down with Mindtickle CRO, Jeff Santelices, to discuss the findings from the latest research on sales enablement and readiness. They’ll talk about the tactics, processes, and technologies today’s sales teams use in their current sales readiness strategies.

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Matt Heinz and Jeff Santelices