Successful Field Sales Readiness

Maximize the effectiveness of your sales reps with MindTickle. Ensure that your field sales reps are ready for any sales situation and keep them at the top of their game anytime, anywhere

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Tom Levey

Our reps find it easy and enjoyable to consume content via the mobile app. The gamification adds a competitive aspect to learning that really hits home with our sales teams"

Tom Levey

VP Sales Enablement at

Power up your field sales machine

MindTickle enables you to prepare your sales team to work like a well-oiled machine. Your sales team will
stay up-to-date and you can coach them, even if they are out on the field


Enable reps
to be updated

Bite-sized and contextual information
can be consumed via any device


sales coaching

Coach and provide structured feedback
with roleplay and practice


Share readiness
updates with leaders

Enable managers with CRM-trigger-based
coaching plans for sales reps


Maximize readiness through
mobile-enabled Communication

Launching a new product or managing a competitive threat needs your sales team to be at its best. MindTickle gives you a scalable system to ensure that sales reps are prepared, and provides you with data indicating exactly how prepared they are

For your sales reps, they can access this bite-sized information whenever and wherever they need- on web and mobile

  • Update: Send bite-sized videos to keep your reps up-to-date on product, competition, and success stories
  • Mission: Ensure new messaging alignment through role-plays and coaching
  • Pulse Check: Send 2-3 minute long quizzes every week to ensure that new information is retained

Give field reps access to the knowledge they need
whenever, wherever they are


Mobile-and-tablet-first, bite-sized delivery of sales critical information


The feature allowing your sales reps to practice, learn, and improve their selling skills while on the field

Smart notification

Notifications that can be configured according to individual work schedules


Enterprise grade encryption to secure all your files

Drive Accountability With Managers

MindTickle's real-time dashboards and heat maps provide your managers with real-time visibility into the readiness of sales reps. These reports can be rolled up across multiple levels of hierarchy. Managers can also correlate the impact of coaching and enablement with both leading and lagging indicators


Get closer to your sales reps through data

Proactively share readiness data for sales reps with their managers. Collaborate with managers to maximize the impact of sales enablement


Gain visibility into
field readiness

Use a data-driven approach to know who, what and how to enable your sales team


Enable managers with
readiness insights

Equip managers with readiness data of
their sales team


See the business impact
of your initiatives

Proactively share readiness data of sales teams with your leadership, and enable business decisions

Know how MindTickle can
help you keep your reps
sales ready

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