3 Things Sales Leaders Must Have to Start and Close more Deals!

3 Things Sales Leaders Must Have to Start and Close More Deals!

Sales leaders must ensure their team has the correct “bait,” “sales process” and “tools” to start more sales conversations and convert them into raving customers and you can’t do it without the PERFECT marketing and sales alignment.

Getting and keeping the buyer engaged throughout their journey to win more is critical when selling in the new decade.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Sales AND Marketing leaders can implement what the modern seller needs to engage with today’s modern buyer. The panelists include: 

  • Viveka Von Rosen CVO and Co-Founder, Vengreso
  • Daniel Coady RVP Enterprise Sales, Mindtickle
  • Jake Braly – V.P. Strategic Alliances & Partner Sales, Highspot

These executives discuss the three must-have processes Sales AND Marketing leaders must implement to engage the modern buyer to WIN:

  1. The essential tools and content sales reps must have to start sales conversations with prospects
  2. How reps should prospect to reach the modern buyer
  3. Enabling sales reps with a proven cadence to win more deals