Use Cases


Certified for Success: Sales Enablement at MuleSoft

Ali Jones from MuleSoft discusses how MuleSoft has structured its enablement team and compensation to drive sales results.

Coaching the Front Line Managers with Jill Guardia

In this episode, Jill Guardia explains why coaching the coaches is very important for the success of the sales team.

How FMCG Giants Coach Their Sales Team

Listen to Chirag Singh, Sales Capability Development Manager, talk about the sales structure and sales readiness initiatives at Dabur.

How MongoDB Slashed Down Ramp Time with Effective Sales Onboarding

Listen now to learn how Jeremy Powers deployed a successful sales onboarding program and maximized value from their bootcamp experience.

What Enablement Means to Ray Carroll: a VP Sales Perspective

Find out how Ray Carroll has helped Engagio make the transformative shift from tactical to strategic sales.

How to Coach Your Customer to Choose Your Product with Jeffrey Lipsius

Listen now to find out Lipsius’ 3 C’s of the customer decision process.

How Outreach Motivates Reps to Stretch their Sales Skills

Listen now to hear how Jacob Turner took his sales reps to the gym to stretch their skills.

How to Enable SDRs for Success by Inside Sales Bootcamp

Ryan and Mike from Inside Sales Bootcamp explain what makes a great SDR onboarding program.

Building a World Class Sales Enablement Program with Roderick Jefferson

Roderick Jefferson, Head of Sales Enablement at Oracle Marketing Cloud, shares his experiences from building sales enablement functions at Salesforce, eBay, and Oracle.

How to Train Best-in-Class SDRs with AG Salesworks

Listen now to Craig Ferrara and Chris Snell of AG Salesworks discuss how businesses should prepare their SDRs for success.

Customer-Centric Approach to Sales Enablement at Qualtrics

Charlie Besecker, Head of Global Sales Enablement at Qualtrics, shares his perspectives on how to create a customer-centric sales enablement strategy.

Sales Onboarding at ForeScout

Renee Capovilla, Director of Sales Enablement at ForeScout, shares her secret formula for ramping new hires faster.

Consistent Messaging at ForeScout

Renne Capovilla, Director of Sales Enablement at ForeScout, shares how she implemented a company-wide pitch certification program.

ForeScout’s Success with Sales Playbook

Renee Capovilla, Director of Sales Enablement at ForeScout, shares how she used a sales playbook to turn “A” Players into superstars.

MongoDB’s Formula for Sales Success

Jeremy Powers, Senior Director of Sales Enablement, talks about how MongoDB’s sales team is equipped to differentiate themselves in the market.

5 Levels of Sales Certification at Avalara

Chuck Marcouiller, Director of Sales Learning at Avalara, shares how he manages the challenges of scaling and enabling sales teams.

Scaling Revenue from Channel Partners with Nutanix

Joan Morales from Nutanix talks about how he enabled their channel partners to rapidly grow in revenue.

Introducing the Sales Excellence Podcast

Mohit Garg, our co-founder and CRO, explains why we started the Sales Excellence podcast.

Choosing the Right Sales Methodology for Your Business

From the challenger sales methodology to transactional or consultative selling. Dan Smith explains how to choose the right one for your business.

Bridging the Gap between Sales Operations and Enablement

Sales operations and sales enablement must work hand in hand to succeed. In this podcast, Aarti Kumar explains how to forge that collaboration.

How Focus can Improve Your Sales Team Performance

In this episode, Steve Benson, CEO of Badger Maps, discusses Sales Enablement in field sales teams.

The Future of Sales Enablement with Steven Wright

In this Episode, Steven Wright discusses what we can expect from sales enablement technology in the future.

Managing Change in a Global Industry with Johanna Kuusisto

Johanna discusses how to tackle challenges when implementing change in a global sales force, and how to manage industry transformations from a sales perspective.

How Sales Enablement can Strategically Guide the Sales Organization

In this episode, Pat Lynch discusses how sales enablement can turn around some disturbing trends in sales performance and productivity.

Glen Lally on the Future of Sales Enablement for Large Organizations

In this episode, Glen Lally, Global VP of Enablement, discusses how sales enablement is perceived and solved at large organizations.

Nancy Nardin on how to Choose the Right Sales Enablement Platform

In this episode, Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools, discusses choosing a sales enablement technology that works for you.

How Qubole Leverages Sales Readiness Technology to Deliver True Value

In this episode, Jordy Brazier, VP Sales Operations at Qubole, explains how Qubole uses technology to power sales readiness.

The Do’s and Dont’s of Sales Enablement Hiring

David Harrison from CAKE Corp. explains how their company built out a sales enablement team, and shares which common sales enablement hiring mistakes they encountered along the way.

Nancy Nardin on how Sales Technology is a Strategic Differentiator

In this episode, Nancy Nardin, Founder of Smart Selling Tools, explains how organizations can use sales technology as a strategic differentiator.

Why Sales Enablement is a Must-Have for Your Company

Listen to Steve Crepeau and Mike Wolber talk about why sales enablement is a must-have strategy for any company.

How G5 Created a Successful Sales Enablement Team

In this interview, Wolber and Crepeau outline how to establish a foundation for a new sales enablement team.

Handling Sales Enablement? Do it Like a Pro

In this podcast, Jill Guardia advises sales enablement leaders on the nitty-gritty of their role.