Best Practice: Sales Readiness in Financial Services

Best Practice: Sales Readiness in Financial Services

How to execute your client experience strategy

In highly-regulated, rapidly-changing financial markets; the modern wholesaler is at odds with new competitors and a technologically empowered, self-serving advisor. To stay top of mind and bring value to their advisors, Russell Investments leverages Mindtickle to keep their sales team on message and on task, with purpose and intent.

In this live interview, recorded at CXFS’19,  Julie Zhang – Director of Sales Enablement at Russell Investments, and Oscar Collingwood-Smith – Lead Market Manager for Financial Services at Mindtickle, discuss how Financial Services can empower and enable their client-facing teams with sales readiness.

You’ll learn:

  • What sales readiness & enablement is
  • The importance of sales readiness in executing your client-experience strategy
  • Best practices for launching new products
  • Lessons learned when implementing readiness training programs
  • How to better arm your sales team with the knowledge, skills and behaviors to win