Checklist for Effective Remote Coaching

Checklist for Effective Remote Coaching:

Enabling Frontline Managers and Field Teams for the Next Normal

As you address the challenge of managing and engaging a remote or mixed workforce, you must adopt a “Remote and Ready” mindset to engage your managers, leads and anyone expected to engage in coaching frequently and transparently.

Managing productive sellers generally whether in field, offices or working out of home or remote locations offices is not a new concept, but how you approach the art and science of coaching must change if you’re to develop and maintain productive sales activity that has shifted entirely online and limited inter-personal, in-person interaction is the new norm for managers and coaches alike.

Using this checklist as a blueprint, learn how today’s sales enablement leaders, frontline managers and field teams leaders can take a strategic approach to remote coaching in order to maximize their companies’ revenue opportunities and increase their competitiveness in this new normal.

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