Virtual or Classroom Sales Training - Staying ahead of the Curve

In a webinar sponsored by CorporateVisions, Tim Riesterer, co-author of “The Three Value Conversations” and Gopkiran Rao, SVP of Strategy at MindTickle, engage in a conversation about sales training.

The issue? Changes in the modern seller profile are creating challenges as teams move towards being deskless, digital, and distant.

Throughout this webinar, they aim to answer the question: can virtual sales training replace your classroom training? In short, yes.

Here are just a few ways virtual training can be better than live:

  • Custom scheduling. Busy sellers can fit training activities into their schedules without disrupting their day jobs, and ultimately have more time to absorb concepts.
  • Complete assignments. Each participant can be expected to complete an entire assignment and is afforded more opportunities to practice.
  • Comprehensive coaching. Reviewers and managers have the flexibility to review and provide more detailed feedback on assignments.
  • Continuous learning. Teams benefit from ongoing reinforcement videos, opportunities to review and compare with peers and revisit key concepts on demand.

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