How Sales Coaching Helps Maximize Revenue

How Sales Coaching Helps Maximize Revenue

Find out why successful companies are investing in sales coaching now

Effective sales coaching can improve the performance of your sales force by up to 19%. And that’s why successful high growth companies like AppDynamics, MuleSoft and Nutanix have a culture of coaching to maximize performance.

In this webinar, sales leaders from SiriusDecisions and MuleSoft join Mohit Garg, CRO and Co-founder of Mindtickle, to discuss:

  • Why sales coaching is imperative to your success
  • How to achieve high performance through coaching
  • How MuleSoft uses coaching to maximize their sales performance
  • Mindtickle’s coaching framework that will help you achieve predictable revenue

Who'll be speaking:

Nancy Maluso

Research Director SiriusDecisions

Stephen Hallowell

VP, Sales Enablement MuleSoft

Mohit Garg

CRO and Co-Founder Mindtickle