How Sales Organizations Use Real-World Buyer Interactions to Build a Coaching Culture

You do everything you can to get your sales team at-bats in front of buyers. You onboard and train them to be game-ready all the time. But how do you tell if they swing and miss? And without visibility into what your reps do in front of customers, how do you fix the problems? 

Sales leadership and enablement teams need direct visibility into performance in the field so they can help reps improve skills and win more deals. 

Join Mindtickle’s VP of Enterprise Business, Ahmed Hedayat, and Director of Product Marketing, Alex Salop to explore how AI-based conversation intelligence can be a critical component of a strategic approach to sales readiness.

Key takeaways:

  • Identify the skill gaps in buyer interactions that hold salespeople back from closing business
  • Explore ways to build a coaching culture by empowering front-line managers with information and tools to deliver bespoke guidance that maximizes individual and team performance
  • Understand the effectiveness of conversation intelligence as part of an overall readiness approach, constantly feeding sales enablement programs with examples of best practices and highlighting where improvements are needed

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