How Unisys Gets Sellers Ready with Mindtickle

Unisys is a worldwide information technology company that provides a portfolio of IT services, software, and technology that delivers successful outcomes for the most demanding business and governments
. They’re among the largest government IT contractors, serving local, state, and federal agencies, as well as foreign governments.

Amy Lord, Unisys’ senior analyst for go-to-market readiness, talks about the business challenges before Mindtickle, what they looked for in a sales readiness technology, how they rolled out Mindtickle, and what’s next for its sales readiness strategy. Watch the entire video to learn from Unisys’ partnership with the Mindtickle team.

Video Transcript:

What was your sales readiness challenge before Mindtickle?

Prior to having Mindtickle, we had done research in order to figure out the best way to launch our global enablement. Go to market readiness team programs, we had several different softwares and platforms that we were using. It was a very manual process, which caused us to go into research to figure out a better solution.

And one of our biggest pain points was just a lot of manual updating on multiple platforms, and really drove us to making a decision to find one solution that could fit for all of our programs and trainings that we needed as an organization.

What were you looking for in a sales readiness platform? 

Mindtickle really stood out to our organization. We are a global organization. And we have about 800 go-to-market folks all over the world. And so having a platform that was mobile-friendly, was all centralized and easy to to use as a user, the interface was extremely easy for our sellers to get involved, get engaged, do quick trainings. And Mindtickle will really provide all that opportunity for us all in one platform.

How does your team use the Mindtickle Sales Readiness Platform? 

When we launched Mindtickle, we have launched with an initial training that actually was to all 800 of our go-to-market FIPS. We ended up getting 100% participation launched the platform through a series of challenges and competitions. We could really do one-on-one coaching, there were scenarios where our sellers can submit videos, and then they have coaches who coach them through that process. 

And not only that, the analytics and reporting was really what our managers and leadership team have really valued.

What’s next for your sales readiness efforts?

Our go-to-market readiness training is much broader than just global enablement sales training, we really wanted to focus on being able to develop our sellers put resources and materials in their hands so they could be ready for the market. 

And they can really do all of this through Mindtickle versus them having to go through several different platforms and services to figure out what where they need to go what logins they need to have. Right now. It’s all centralized in Mindtickle, which has made our onboarding process extremely easy. And now we’re just excited about launching it and making it even more robust.