Dhruv Markandey, SVP of Growth and Customer Success at MindTickle discusses how customers are adjusting their sales kick offs and other field enablement events, the importance of communications, tools for virtual events and how to measure the desired impact.

In this 4-minute demo video, you’ll learn how MindTickle provides visibility into the strengths and deficiencies of individual sellers and their skillsets which can be used to develop further coaching opportunities.

Learn about the key features required of an effective Sales Enablement platform to shorten sales cycles, improve productivity, and increase revenue.

Learn about best practices for tracking and analyzing sales metrics that can help sales leaders understand and improve sales performance.

In this 4-minute demo, you’ll learn how MindTickle can be help you create and conduct an effective virtual business review (or QBR).

Download this blueprint to work with your enablement, operations and marketing teams to execute a highly impactful Virtual Business Review (or QBR) that engages and inspires your remote participants!

In this webinar with Peter Ostrow from Forrester SiriusDecisions, you will learn about business-critical and practical principles for sales, service, and marketing leaders to maximize the B2B experience across every customer-facing employee.

In this 4 minute demo video, you’ll learn how MindTickle can maximize your virtual sales event engagement starting from pre-event activities, sharing best practices during the event, and ensure knowledge retention after the event.

Learn best practices to drive productivity and engagement when transitioning from live to virtual sales events and how to focus sales with short, bite-sized training.

Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at MindTickle discusses how companies are transitioning from virtual enablement events to ongoing readiness for the remote sales force

This webinar examines the survey results from 120+ B2B organizations about how sales readiness and enablement practices differentiate more effective firms. Presented by Bob Kelly, Chairman of the Sales Management Association and Albert Fong, Director of Product Marketing at MindTickle.

This research report surveying 120+ B2B organizations uncovers why fewer than one in five (18%) respondents say that their sales training is effective. It also looks at the sales development strategies that are working, those that aren’t, as well as where investments should be made now and over the next three years.

The most effective sales reps are always ready to deliver the right message at the right time to the right prospects. Learn how Sales Readiness provides reps with the tools to access relevant content, continuously improve knowledge and skills, and execute in the field.

Gopkiran Rao from MindTickle and Tom “The ROI Guy” Pisello, Chief Evangelist at Mediafly and Founder of the Evolved Selling Institute discuss the current sales performance challenges, ways sales readiness can help bridge the gap, and how MindTickle leverages their Readiness Value Assessment Tool to better communicate and quantify the value of readiness.

We’ve created this blueprint that outlines each stage of your Sales Event and how technology can keep employees connected, regardless of where your sales teams
are working.

Joe Booth from SecureAuth discusses how he worked with MindTickle to transform sales enablement for ongoing sales readiness

Learn how Elmo Motion Control, a global, leading manufacturing and service provider, uses the MindTickle platform to optimize sales team performance and drive revenue.

In this sales leadership webinar, you’ll learn about 3 ‘must-haves’ sales leaders need to start and close more deals.