[Podcast] One CRO’s Response to the COVID-19 Era for Maximizing Seller and Partner Capability

Sales Readiness Before, During and After COVID-19: A CRO’s Perspective

In this podcast, Ankur Ahlowalia, CRO at SecureAuth, talks about his readiness-first approach to enabling customer-facing teams – to maximize sales and channel capability with a modern approach to learning, upskilling and timely updates, as well the ability for managers to have productive coaching interactions with their teams.

In a lively discussion with Gopkiran Rao, Ankur also discusses how his work in readiness has been shaped by his journey across different companies and mission critical processes like quote-to-cash (QTC) and corporate learning management especially as it relates to today’s uncertain and unpredictable business environment.

He also highlights the key value of his partnership with Mindtickle in onboarding, ongoing training, alignment and communication across SecureAuth for its next generation of growth.

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