[Podcast] Cut Costs and Maximize Customer Certainty: Readiness First Principles

How Customer-focused Companies are Driving Valuable Engagements

Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Mindtickle discusses what he’s seeing as companies react to the coronavirus pandemic and work-from-home mandates. He also covers how Mindtickle is advising companies to prepare for a potential new normal and continued uncertainty. Lastly, Gop talks about how a Readiness strategy keeps field teams engaged and productive.

In this podcast, Gop says he sees some companies finding themselves needing to cut significant costs and looking to ride out the uncertainty. He continues, “customer-focused companies are moving their financial and organizational resources to supporting customers and adding value in every email or conversation they have with a prospect or a customer.”

Gop warns however “the mistake some of these companies might be making, but typically those that take a transactional view of business, is that they approach enablement training as a set of communications transactions and a big sin and disrespect is turning wholesale to live streaming everything.”

Gop goes on to recommend a hybrid approach. “These are companies that are thinking of the new normal as no longer being in the flow of work, but work in the flow of life…They’re refocusing budgets rather than simply cutting costs and using the savings to do the free programs and partners that elevate their ability to partner with their own customers and expand organizational capability through cross training.”

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