[Podcast] Mindtickle presents: Fireside Chat with Orca Life

Mindtickle presents: Fireside Chat with Orca Life – Episode 2

How Orca Life is Pivoting to Succeed in this Remote Environment to Get Ready

In our second episode of Fireside Chat, Deepna chats with Professor Christopher Derry, Sales Executive-in-Residence at Western Kentucky University and special guest Lindsey Curry from Orca Life.

Gain valuable insights as the team talks about how Orca Life was able to both scale and up-level their frontline team’s effectiveness as they went from 20 agents to over 100 agents within 18 months.

In particular, what makes Orca Life’s transition exceptionally fascinating is that they traditionally deploy a door-to-door sales model. Due largely to the current environment, they had to find an alternative way forward. Instead of falling by the wayside, they managed to pivot successfully – with the future looking brighter than ever.

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