[Podcast] Mindtickle presents: Fireside Chat with Prof. Chris Derry

Mindtickle presents: Fireside Chat with Prof. Chris Derry – Episode 1

Are your Communication Skills ‘Remote & Ready’?

In this inaugural Fireside Chat podcast episode, our fearless host Deepna Sarkar, Enterprise Account Executive for Mindtickle, chats with Professor Christopher Derry, Sales Executive-in-Residence at Western Kentucky University. The art of selling has changed for revenue leaders and frontline sales teams. We can’t knock on doors anymore. Everything has become virtual. Hence, today we face a new opportunity: to become both remote and ready, in this new normal – the virtual environment.

Listen to this charismatic duo banter on topics that you *think* you might know, but be prepared for some surprising answers!

  • What’s the most important skill to be successful in a virtual environment
  • How do you communicate effectively via online conferencing, when the camera is always on?
  • Leveraging technology, eg. micro-learning in preparation for video presentations

Invest 10 minutes of your time listening to this podcast, and end up with some refreshing actionable insights, and not to mention, a few laughs along the way.

At the end of the session – you might want to leave your comments/feedback for Deepna and Christopher at #mindticklechat Be careful what you wish for, though.