[Podcast] Upskilling Solutions Consulting for Virtual Demos with Tom Banton of eightfold.ai

Partnering with Enablement: Upskilling Solutions Consulting for Virtual Demos

Now and for the foreseeable future, all product demos and presentations will be done online using virtual video conference technologies rather than in person. Without a face-to-face connection, Sales, Solutions Consultants and Sales Engineers have had to recalibrate their technique to become more productive and innovative when demoing online. Things like being able to read body language, to gain insight if a prospect understands and remains motivated in viewing the demo, is one such challenge in today’s environment.

In this podcast, Tom Banton, VP of Solutions Engineering & Enablement at eightfold.ai and Gordon Thompson, SVP of Pres-Sales and Enablement at Mindtickle offer best practices to recalibrate Solutions Consultants and Sales Engineers approaches to be successful when demoing or presenting online.

Covered topics include:

  • What tactics have needed to change when demoing
  • Specific pieces of knowledge or skills that solutions consultants need to develop to be successful in this new environment
  • How pre-sales leaders can partner with enablement to develop the requisite knowledge and skills