Research Report: Benchmarking Sales Readiness and Sales Enablement

Research Report: Benchmarking Sales Readiness and Sales Enablement

Benchmarking Sales Readiness and Enablement Report

“Are we effectively training our sales teams? Why aren’t we reaching our revenue goals?” These are some of the questions that keep revenue and sales leaders up at night.

SMA surveyed more than 120 B2B organizations, employing more than 70,000 salespeople across high tech, retail, manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, and more. The results uncover how they approach sales effectiveness, sales enablement, sales training, sales coaching, and what more effective firms are doing to be better.

This research uncovers why fewer than one in five (18%) respondents say that their sales training is effective. It also looks at the sales development strategies that are working, those that aren’t, as well as where investments should be made now and over the next three years.

Additional topics include:

  • The widening gap between effective and ineffective sales organizations
  • Why the rate of improvement for ineffective sales organizations is 79% lower than effective sales organizations
  • How only 43% of firms improved their sales organization effectiveness over the prior 12 months
  • The sales enablement and sales readiness practices that differentiate these high-performing, high-improving firms

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