Revenue Enablement First Principles (Forrester)

Webinar: Revenue Enablement First Principles

The Skill Mandate for Customer-facing Teams

Is your company on top of things when mapping and aligning capabilities and competencies for your customer-facing teams to ensure a consistent experience?

In this Mindtickle webinar guest speaker, Forrester’s Peter Ostrow, VP/Principal Analyst for Sales Enablement Strategies joined Gopkiran Rao, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Mindtickle to establish business-critical and practical principles for sales, service, and marketing leaders to maximize the B2B experience across every customer-facing employee.

Drawing on their combined decades of experience in Sales Enablement and Readiness, Gop and Peter covered the following topics:

  • The key market and internal factors driving a modern approach to preparing and upskilling customer-facing teams for a continuous selling motion across interactions with buying decision-makers
  • Why revenue enablement is the logical next generation to sales enablement and why revenue leaders must focus immediately on readiness initiatives
  • Business-critical principles for providing a consistent buyer experience across all interactions between seller and prospect or customer
  • Practical questions and considerations for establishing a revenue enablement and readiness approach and choosing the right Readiness Technology to ensure good customer outcomes.

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