Sales Coaching Guide: Conversation Intelligence

How to use Conversation Intelligence to navigate the sales cycle

Today’s sales manager faces tremendous pressure to achieve ambitious sales goals, yet 57% of sales reps are expected to miss their quotas in 2021. Now more than ever, sales leaders need to up their game to increase their teams’ productivity and identify areas for improvement.

But how can they help their sales reps perform better? How can they understand WHY sales reps fail, WHAT to do about it and WHERE to find the guidance or content to help them improve?

With conversation intelligence, they can close the loop on their readiness efforts by using insights from real-world buyer interactions to create a personalized skill development program aimed at bridging skill gaps and maximizing every salesperson’s productivity.

In this Sales Coaching Guide, you’ll learn:

  • How sales managers can better understand why sales reps fail
  • What to do about it
  • Where to find the guidance or content to help reps improve

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