Sales Enablement Best Practices

Research Brief: Sales Enablement Best Practices

Published by the Sales Management Association

Sales Enablement Best Practices

Featuring input from more than 100 business-to-business sales organizations, this research explores the sales enablement function and its impact on the organization. It identifies the state of sales training within organizations, the importance and effectiveness of various training modalities, and the impact of technology on training and development. By comparing firms with and without a named sales enablement function, it also measures the impact of this emerging function on sales organizations’ training and development outcomes.

In this research brief, you’ll learn:

  1. How the impact of continual and pervasive change has impacted sales training in most organizations
  2. How to employ technology effectively and prepare to thrive in this environment, while others fail
  3. How to capitalize on the emergence of sales enablement as a function for distributed learning, technology utilization, training investment, measurement, and beyond